It’s time to play catch-up on the blog. Now that it’s half way through May, let’s talk about April. Great month! We kicked it off with J’s birthday. The big 31. I know. Old huh? He loves him some good carrot cake and so that’s just what he got. And after finding this, I will never go searching again for another carrot cake recipe. It was di-vine and perfect for the honey. If you’re going to try it, just remember to add 1/2 cup of chopped walnuts and 1/2 cup of raisins. J tells me “it’s all about texture.”

R, this picture is dedicated to you from Dad. After eating his large juicy birthday steak, he gave the camera a big toothless grin in your honor.

And speaking of the birthday boy, I must say that he has been absolutely incredible the last few months. Needless to say, these first three months of parenthood have been crazy and he’s been such a strength to me. He’s been pretty darn steady through it all – moving in December, Reed’s arrival, NICU, new job, my hormones, Reed’s surgery, PICU, recovery, my hormones, lots of visitors, etc. etc. The father-son duo was something I was really looking forward to observing. Turns out the dad role suits J very well. He is such a great dad to R. And such a great companion and support to me. Through pregnancy, labor and now that we’re home, J has been by my side – both literally and figuratively. Asking me how my womb was, breakfast in bed on Saturdays, walks through the neighborhood, putting on my shoes and socks for me, foot massages, watching birth movies during our birthing classes (not always pleasant – regardless of your gender), coaching me through labor, lifting me up and down from the bed/chair while healing, running tons of errands, getting up at night during feeding times, helping me to stay positive about motherhood and my new body, talking to and telling jokes to R, dancing around the room with him and the list goes on and on. R is lucky to have such a man for a dad. There is something very very wonderful about watching this relationship develop. I know they are going to be the best of buds. I’m looking forward to the adventures they will have together. I don’t mind being the minority around here and am loving these two men in my life. Happy 31 dear.

… probably my favorite picture right now.

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